Seniors 2020 Tribute Ads Information



Please read this in its entirety before coming to order your senior recognition ad.

Class of 2020 senior tribute ad sales will begin September 3-20. 

Senior tribute meetings will be held in the Plaid Room. Senior parents, please enter through the main entrance of the building to the reception desk to access the Plaid Room. Fall meetings are on a first come, first serve basis September 3-20, 10:10-1:25 Monday through Thursday and 10:40-1:40 on Fridays.

Before Your Ad Meeting:

  • Review ad sizes and specifications for correct number of photos and amount of text for ad message
  • Bring photos you intend to use on a USB FLASH DRIVE or HARD COPIES. These will NOT be returned, so make a copy if the photo is an original
  • Bring the message you would like included on the ad
  • Credit card or check to pay for the ad

You will NOT be able to reserve an ad for your student if you do not have photos, text and payment at your ad meeting.


  • Ad Spacing based on availability.
  • For fall pricing: No appointments, September 3-20 (changed due to construction delays)
  • Senior photo replacement deadline: September 13 
  • Proofs emailed to parents: October 16 (changed due to construction delays)
  • Proofs finalized: October 28 (changed due to construction delays)


  • 2019-2020 Business Manager & Ads Editor-in-Chief: Storey Harbison
  • Adviser: Margie Raper
  • Yearbook classroom: TBD
  • Email address: *Preferred method
  • Phone number: 214-780-3886


  • 1 block ad: 1 photo, 1 line of text
  • 3 block ad: 1 to 3 photos, 1 to 3 lines of text
  • 4 block ad: 1 to 3 photos, 2 to 6 lines of text
  • 6 block ad: 1 to 5 photos, 2 to 6 lines of text
  • 9 block ad: 1 to 9 photos, 2 to 10 lines of text


  • Family and sibling ads: up to 9 block maximum; only guaranteed space in the spring
  • Friendship ads: first come, first serve basis in fall starting September 3
  • Sports/Clubs/Organizations ads: done through a single representative of the group. You are able to reserve space in the spring, but these ads will be made and paid for in the fall. Groups may purchase up to a 12 block ad.




  • Digital PDF proofs will be emailed by October 16.
  • Responses for edits and revisions due by October 28.
  • Check for name spelling, photo location, quality
  • Each photo replaced during the proof process will cost $50. No charge for changing text or rearranging photos



  • Ads will be in full color unless otherwise specified
  • We no longer require a placeholder photo for the senior portrait as we have in years past. If you do not have the senior photo at the time of your appointment, you can still complete your ad and give us the photo after you have it.
  • Avoid using photos from websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram because they decrease the photo quality
  • When scanning your images to a USB flash drive, ensure the scan is 300 dpi.  At home scanners allow you to select the resolution to 300 dpi. Also places like FedEx, UPS, Kwik Kopy, CVS can help scan hard copies of photos to USB drives if you do not want to provide us with your original photos. 
  • Please no nudity (regardless of age), drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms in photos.


  • Deadline for senior photo submissions is September 13.
  • Courtney Teesdale Photography
  • 214-579-9516
  • Only the senior portrait for the class panel pages is required to go through Teesdale Photography.
  • You are NOT required to use Teesdale Photography for tribute ad portraits. You may use any photographer for your senior ad photo, however, Courtney works closely with the ad staff to make the submission process easier for you.