2019-2020 Highlander Staff Application

Deadline is February 15


2019-2020 New Staff Application

We appreciate your interest and desire to be a member of the high school journalism publication staff. Please be honest, thorough and thoughtful in your responses so that we can find the best fit for your interests and abilities. Some positions require an additional interview to be considered.  If you are at a different campus and your application requires an interview, you will be contacted by phone or email to set up a time.

Being a member of the publication staffs require you to make a commitment to the productions as well as your fellow staffers. Please be sure to consider the time commitment involved with joining the journalism department and make sure you are prepared for this when you apply.

All applications will be due on or before Friday, February 15. In addition to this digital application, you will need to print and sign the Staff Responsibilities Document (instructions are at the bottom of this application). If you are at the middle school, it can be submitted to Mr. Cappotelli. If you are at the high school, you may return it to Mrs. Margie Raper in the yearbook room (EC213). If required, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Two work samples are required for this application. Please have ready a writing sample and a photography or design example before you begin the application process.

Participation in the GLORIA SHIELDS NSPA MEDIA WORKSHOP June 24-27 in Addison is STRONGLY encouraged.

Thanks for your interest and good luck!